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Antibiotic/Antimycotic Solution (1:100)

Antibiotic/Antimycotic Solution (1:100)
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Cat. #: 6920

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Antibiotic-Antimycotic Solution – 100 ML (100X)

Catalog Number: 6920


Antibiotic-Antimycotic is used to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination. The combination of the antibiotics penicillin and streptomycin are used to prevent bacterial contamination of cell cultures due to their effective action against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, respectively. Amphotericin B is used to prevent fungal contamination of cell cultures due to its inhibition of multi-cellular fungus and yeas.

Penicillin was originally purified from the fungus Penicillium and acts by interfering directly with the turnover of the bacteria cell wall and indirectly by triggering the release of enzymes that further alter the cell wall. Streptomycin was originally purified from Streptomyces griseus. Streptomycin acts by binding to the 30S subunit of the bacterial ribosome leading to inhibition of protein synthesis and death in susceptible bacteria. Amphotericin B is an antifungal agent that prevents the growth of fungi and yeast by causing an increase in fungal plasma membrane permeability.


Contains 10,000 units of penicillin (base), 10,000 ug of streptomycin (base), and 25 ug of amphotericin B/ml utilizing penicillin G (sodium salt), streptomycin sulfate, and amphotericin B as Antimycotic in 0.85% saline.

Storage Condition

Store the solution at -20°C.


Ice pack

Authorized Uses of Cell Biologics Products

Antibiotic-Antimycotic Solution from Cell Biologics are distributed for internal in vitro research purposes only. Our products are not authorized for human use, for in vitro diagnostic procedures, or for therapeutic procedures. Transfer or resale of any Cell Biologics’ cells or products from the purchaser to other markets, organizations or individuals is prohibited by Cell Biologics, without the company’s written consent. Cell Biologics’ Terms and Conditions must be accepted before submitting an order.

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