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In July 2017

In June

  • Lymphatic Forum, June 8-10, 2017, Chicago, IL 
  • Biogen Idec | Novartis | MIT | Whitehead Institute, June 21, 2017, Boston, MA 
  • Mayo Clinic, June 28, 2017, Rochester, MN 

in May

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  • Get Free Gelatin-Based Coating Solution per primary cell order,  which can be used for most primary cell culture from CellBiologics through 2017.



Cell Biologics offers a variety of ELISA kits ranged over many fields in the life sciences, such as molecular biology, molecular immunology, and cytobiology. Cell Biologics ELISA kits allow specific, quantitative and consistent measurements of soluble antigens found in sera, plasma, body fluids, tissue lysates and cell culture supernatants.

ELISA KITS (Reactivity: Human)
ELISA KITS (Reactivity: Human)
ELISA KITS (Reactivity: Mouse)
ELISA KITS (Reactivity: Mouse)
ELISA KITS (Reactivity: Rat)
ELISA KITS (Reactivity: Rat)