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Liposome-mediated target gene transfer into mouse endothelial cells in vivo

Catalog No. EG6389

Price: $3999-$7000


Gene-based therapy is the intentional modulation of gene expression in specific cells to treat pathological conditions. This modulation is accomplished by introducing exogenous nucleic acids such as DNA, mRNA, small interfering RNA (siRNA), microRNA (miRNA) or antisense oligonucleotides. Both viral vectorsand non-viral vectors are used for systemic delivery in clinical trials. Non-viral vectors also have the potential to overcome the potential limitations from viral vectors.

Liposomes are circular lipid molecules with an aqueous interior that can carry target DNA. Liposomes encapsulate plasmids and then adhere to the cell membranes and fuse with them to transfer DNA fragments. These are artificial vesicles that can act as delivery agents for exogenous materials including transgenes. However, the conventional liposome-mediated gene delivery in vivo has not yet addressed the cell specific expression issue.

We have developed an endothelial specific gene delivery in vivo system (catalog number: EG6881) by combination of liposome mediated gene delivery and endothelial specific expression promoter vector to ensure target genes transferred in endothelial cells only for studying target gene functions in endothelial cell proliferation, differentiation, and death in vivo. The non-viral in vivo gene delivery system will be able to mediate endothelial-related target genes expressed only in endothelial cells.

Known endothelial genes include CD31, VE-cadherin, Tie 1 and 2, VEGFR-1/FLT-1, VEGFR-2/FLK-1, VEGFR-3, ETV2, HIF-1α, HIF-2α, Runx-2, YAP, etc.

System contents:

1)   Liposome gene delivery reagent.

2)   Endothelial cell specific expression vector.

Notes: We can provide customer requested-cloning service to construct your target genes into the endothelial cell-specific in vivo expression vector.


1)  Purified target plasmids are mixed with liposome delivery reagent at room temperature.

2)  The mixed complexes were transferred into mice by Retro-orbital injection for days.

3)  Isolate endothelial cells from the gene-delivered mice for your assays. 


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